South African Women’s Health publishes original contributions that relate to the health of South African women The aim of the publication is to promote best practice for optimal care.

The following types of content are published, noting that the list is not prescriptive or limited and potential contributors are welcome to submit content that they think might be relevant but does not broadly conform to the categories noted:

* Novel experiences
* Response to published content
* Issues

* Related to a specific area of interest
* Related to service development
* Related to a specific project
* A detailed opinion piece

* Related to events e.g. conferences, symposia, workshops

* Academic Departments e.g. graduations, promotions, appointments, events, publications

* Congresses, symposia, workshops
* Publications, especially books

The format of the abovementioned contributions does not conform to typical scientific papers. Contributors are encouraged to write in a style that is best suited to the content. There is no required word count and authors are not restricted, but content will be subject to editing for publication. References may be noted in text and included in a references section. If not published with content, they will be noted as available from the author/ designated author where there are multiple authors. All content should be accompanied by a relevant photo (preferably high resolution – to ensure quality reproduction) of the author/authors as well as the event or with the necessary graphic content.

Please note a brief biography of the author/authors must accompany content, including discipline, current position, notable/relevant interests and an email address.
Contributions are encouraged and welcomed from the broader mental health professional community i.e. all related professionals, including industry. All submitted content will be subject to review by the editor-in-chief, and where necessary the advisory board.

All content should be forwarded to the Editor-in-chief, Carol Benn -